JJ Hernandez

Based in Eugene, Oregon


I'm  26 years-old born and was raised here in Eugene, Oregon. I've always had a passion for films growing up but I didn't create my own film until I was 17 years-old using my dad's camcorder. My passion started with videography however I've grown an appreciation and enjoyment for photography as well. Over the past five years I've come to a realization; being creative through videos and photos is the only type of work that feels just like living life to me regardless of how many hours I've spent shooting or editing that day.


My passion has led me to start my own business: In2itive Visions.This is what I love to do and I take pride in creating content that will uplift or intrigue you in everyday life. I'm inspired to help create visions whether that be documenting events or promoting clients and businesses. I enjoy creating a variety of emotions in videos to compliment the specific mood you want. I also have experience iThis is my purpose and I'm excited to create something impactful that you can proudly reflect on. 

JJ Hernandez



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